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Your Highness
180+ minutes 
USD 104 (Tax 12.5% is excluded)
This program is a total sum of indulgence Top-to-Toe treatment and let you feel you just become a King and a Queen.
And your body and soul will enjoy this magnificent services.

Your experience begins with choice of aroma essential oil and flower foot soak.  And continues traditional Balinese massage, rejuvenating & refreshing facial massage and shoulder massage for 90 minutes by two therapists synchronously.


Body scrub with the gentle touch of four hands by two therapists to exfoliate and polish your body. Body masker and body wrap with banana leaf to make your skin elastic and hydrated. 

It takes total 30 minutes.


Enjoy your flower and milk bath with fresh fruit juice.


Move to the Communal Room to continue 

our excellent hair cream bath treatment for 60 minutes.

This is the Spa Service Program of The Luxury Day Spa RoseHill in Nusa Dua Bali.

We always try to develop better Service Programs

to add one more pleasure to your journey in Bali.

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