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Hair Cream Bath     
60 minutes  
USD 26 (Tax 12.5% is excluded)

Hair Cream Bath is considered one of the most effective treatment

to maintaining good, healthy looking hair. 

People with healthy hair look more attractive.


A thick mixture of natural ingredients

such as Virgin Coconut Oil, Avocado, Aloe vera or ginseng

is applied in the roots

and rubbed on to the length of hair for nourishment.


After the cream is applied thoroughly in the hair roots,

the scalp shall be massaged and it may boost hair growth, 

prevent hair loss and make scalp healthy.


To maintain warm temperature of the cream in the hair for better result,

warm wet towel will be covered

and a therapist will massage your neck and shoulder

while the cream is thoroughly into the scalp.


Wash off hair and dry lightly.


This is the Spa Service Program of The Luxury Day Spa RoseHill in Nusa Dua Bali.

We always try to develop better Service Programs

to add one more pleasure to your journey in Bali.